Profile/ Philosophy

V. KYRIAZAKOS S.A. is active in the field of steel structures and hoist cranes, providing construction companies and private individuals with a wide range of services.

Its head offices are in Thessaloniki since 1977. The privately owned factory and offices are at the industrial area of Evosmos, ready to undertake projects all over Greece but in the Balkan countries as well.

Our experience of many years is strongly connected to the constant construction of projects, the expansion of our work and our successful progress. The constructional know-how and the experienced stuff guarantee high standard, low cost and high quality constructional projects.

V. KYRIAZAKOS S.A. has managed to become one of the most reliable, flexible, efficient and healthy companies in the domain of steel constructions.

The superiority of our company was gained through the constructional projects we were charged with by well known organizations and firms, who believed in our values, our knowledge and our reliability.

    offers you an informative and comprehensible procedure, with proposed designs, that helps us understand your needs.
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